At Alto Wino we specialize in importing wines from the best small producers. Initially we began importing to Ontario and subsequently to other provinces in Canada. Since 2011 our company has made major inroads in what is reputed to be one of the most difficult wine markets in the world.

Alicia M. Beharry, our managing director single handedly achieved to crack this difficult market by securing listings with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, (LCBO), the single largest purchaser of wine and spirits in the world. Ms. Beharry had developed a close working relationship with LCBO and her private clients by demonstrating a keen understanding of the rules and regulations set by the Canadian government.

Alto Wino is well on the way to become a major force in wine importing and a leading distributor nationwide. Specializing in Australian and New Zealand wines Alto Vino regularly conducts events for consumers and press. These events allow consumers to try and place private orders. They serve a key role in brand development particularly in the Ontario market.

At this time Alto Vino has more than 27 sole agencies covering all price points. More recently a French champagne brand was added along with some wines from Oregon. Over time more quality brands will be added to the portfolio. However Alto Vino will only add brands, which it believes, provides a high quality/price ratio.

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